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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the evolution of the simple objects that surround us, which can turn into something able to communicate with users, other devices or networks thanks to the development of ad hoc softwares, network interfaces and firmware.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) allows objects to communicate with users, devices or networks.

Thanks to one or more network interfaces and to the firmware, when an ad hoc software is developed and loaded into IoT devices, it is possible to create objects that can be managed remotely in order to access large amounts of data. This new device will not only be able to interact with other devices, but will also be able to make decisions, based on the information and instructions that the user has previously provided, as well as evaluating the recurring models of the data it records.

The Internet of Things represents the optimal and scalable solution to guarantee companies a considerable increase in their efficiency, significantly reducing costs. This happens thanks to the combination of remote monitoring of connected instruments and the use of predictive maintenance of any problems before they actually arise, using the construction of an optimized system, which can also be implemented on preexisting architectures.