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An effective marketing plan includes a careful online advertising strategy, exploiting the search keywords that identify your activity and conveying to your website the traffic coming from users really interested in your business.

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An effective marketing plan can not fail to include a careful online advertising strategy. Without an adequate strategy, in fact, many websites – even if technically perfect and engaging – would remain invisible to search engines and, therefore, to the entire web community.

Gaining visibility on the Internet is the main goal of Search Engine Marketing(SEM), the activities that aim at implementing the ranking of a site on search engines.
A targeted online advertising takes advantage of the search keywords that best identify your business, and allows you to cheaply convey the traffic coming from users really interested in your business to your website. The use of paid advertisements on search engines, thanks to platforms, namely Google AdWords, which allow monitoring and constant updating of your ads, is the most efficient solution of modern marketing to gain visibility online.