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Being digital means much more than being in step with the times. It means constant updating, flexibility, intuition, strategy and creative thinking. It means entering the heart of a world of interactive design and media technology, made up of developers and professionals to support your business.

Software development is an activity that implies expertise and passion and we do have both of them. Luna is a tech partner in designing and developing Softwares.

We develop Mobile Apps on the main platforms of the market. Many italian companies have already chosen to take advantage of this technology to broaden their business, by creating apps simplifying the access to their products and services.

In order to have a proper presence Online you need an excellent, distinguishable and highly usable web product. We can give you all of it. Luna develops tailor-made Web Native Interfaces for companies with several offices.

Cyber Security implies technical, organisational, legal and human elements. To evaluate security it is usually necessary to identify threats, vulnerabilities and risks linked to technology.

An effective marketing plan includes a careful online advertising strategy, exploiting the search keywords that identify your activity and conveying to your website the traffic coming from users really interested in your business.

The Internet is nowadays the most used tool when choosing something. The positioning on search engines is far from superfluous: being among the first results in the SERP means being visible before your competitors. Trust our SEO specialists!

Branding comes from image. Luna creates websites, layouts and Mobile Applications with a functional and intuitive graphic interface. A full design of your project will provide you with high appealing graphics along with consistency and professionalism.

Social Media Marketing leads to brand loyalty, allowing a brand to keep the focus of its active users and consumers while simplifying the communications with them. It is an incredible opportunity to create new business and managing customer service, which guarantees real time feedbacks and data that can be actually used!

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The innovative and intuitive administrative Software.

LUNAGEST is the first administrative Cloud tool that fully dematerialises your documents.

It consists of an intuitive and elegant interface designed to satisfy both companies and professionals, matching all their needs.

Thanks to its granularity, it allows full and sustainable managment of all documents, appointments and file archive.


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